Keiser Cares | Frequently Asked Questions

Keiser University educates 20,000 students, how will my gift make a difference?
As the largest and fastest growing private university in Florida, the scope of Keiser University is, indeed, vast. However, as a non-profit university, 100% of revenue is used to advance our mission to educate students who are employable, skilled, responsible, and accountable. To that end, the need for student scholarships is growing exponentially—KU students, on average, are among the most financially challenged in the state—and we must provide more scholarship funds to ensure that a Keiser University education remains attainable for current and future students.

Is everyone being asked to give?
Yes, every employee is being asked to participate on a voluntary basis. When KU employees give, much more is gained than meeting a fundraising goal; employees who share demonstrate to everyone that the mission and students of KU are a priority, especially to those who bring to life the mission every day. When we demonstrate support for the University, we send a powerful message to others.

We invite you to join other employees who recognize the importance of supporting Keiser University students because they know that it is a tremendous opportunity to invest in something that, literally, changes lives. Note, also, that you are being asked to “join” the Keiser University leadership team in this endeavor. Every member of the Chancellor’s executive leadership team is participating in the program.

Is there a suggested giving amount?
Every gift matters and is noticed and important. Rather than ask for a specific amount, we suggest that employees consider gifting 1% of their salary on an annual basis, or the amount you feel you can afford. For example, if an employee’s salary is $40,000/yr a 1% gift would equal only $15.38 per paycheck.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Absolutely. As a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, all gifts to Keiser University are tax deductible to the extent allowed by applicable tax law.

How do I know my gift will really make it to students at the location I designate?
The central Business Office has established internally restricted funds for employee scholarship gifts for each KU campus. Be assured 100% of your gift will be used only for the intended purpose you designate.

How do I enroll and may I change my designation at any time?
Enrollment is simple, just complete the attached form and return it via email to [email protected]  You may change your designation at any time by following the same procedure.