About Us

Founded in 1977, Keiser University serves nearly 20,000 students at its 21 Florida campuses and two international sites. Offering nearly $44 million in academic and need-based scholarship funds annually, the University provides a statewide economic benefit of over $3 billion a year, positively impacting over 30,000 Florida jobs. Students benefit from attention from professors who are passionate about their success. Keiser University thanks the community partners and individual donors who continue to play an important role in transforming student’s lives.

KU has grown to be the largest private not-for-profit university in Florida through a laser focus on ensuring a quality educational experience for students, one that ensures graduates are employable, skilled, responsible, and accountable. Simply put, a Keiser University education is transformational!

As we eye the 50th year of Keiser University’s service, we are pursuing a future that is bold, challenging and exciting!  We are working to develop opportunities for Florida students—a great proportion of whom are “at risk” students—while becoming the premier educational institution in Florida.

When you make a gift to Keiser University, 100% of that gift goes toward the not-for-profit educational mission of the university.  Moreover, through excellent leadership and financial stewardship KU’s financial stability is a core strength recognized time and again by auditors, accreditors, and other stakeholders.  KU’s fundraising efforts are not geared toward “meeting budget”; rather, fundraising at KU centers on pursuing KU’s exciting long-range goal to be Florida’s premier private academic institution.